Unspoken Strex

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The Whispered Truth, She Whose Ghost Haunts The World, Unspoken Strex is one of the great powers of Neo-Francisco. She is one of the newer beings, though due to her nature, she is also the oldest.

Physical Form

Unspoken Strex's physical form is the source of some contention, as everyone reported to have seen her spectral light reports a very different physicality. Sightings range from an incredibly hideous monster of untold proportions, a thousand wheels spinning within one another, an untethered flame, a beautiful man, Greezloc the great last Orcan Poet, and many others.

Why and how Strex's form appears so dramatically different to observers - even going so far as to manifest vastly different physical capabilities to individual members of groups - is simply not known. Strex's unwillingness to communicate outside of specific instances makes asking difficult, and her unmoored status within the timeline makes her difficult to study.

Pre-Fold Existence

In a very real sense, Strex did not exist before The Fold. There may have been a being that's consciousness eventually became Strex, but if such a being even existed, its unknown if Unspoken Strex has any memory of them.