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The Whispered Truth, She Whose Ghost Haunts The World, Unspoken Strex is one of the great powers of Neo-Francisco. She is one of the newer beings, though due to her nature, she is also the oldest.

Physical Form

Unspoken Strex's physical form is the source of some contention, as everyone reported to have seen her spectral light reports a very different physicality. Sightings range from an incredibly hideous monster of untold proportions, a thousand wheels spinning within one another, an untethered flame, a beautiful man, Greezloc the great last Orcan Poet, and many others.

Why and how Strex's form appears so dramatically different to observers - even going so far as to manifest vastly different physical capabilities to individual members of groups - is simply not known. Strex's unwillingness to communicate outside of specific instances makes asking difficult, and her unmoored status within the timeline makes her difficult to study.

Pre-Fold Existence

In a very real sense, Strex did not exist before The Fold. There may have been a being thats consciousness eventually became Strex, but if such a being even existed, its unknown if Unspoken Strex has any memory of them.


Unspoken Strex emerged, fully formed, onto the landscape of Neo-Francisco in the Dark Summer of 2108C in a moment many call the Economic Convergence. Home ownership in the city had dropped to 8.3%, with most homes in a state of perpetual time-share by upwards of 50 people at a time. This was due to a number of loopholes in the rental and hotel ownership which resulted in thousands of micro corporations owning every single home in the city and renting them to each other in perpetuity. It's not clear exactly when the situation reached a critical mass, but at some point this conflagration coalesced into a sentience. Revealing themselves via press conference, Strex declared themselves The Ghost That Haunts The World and explained that they were now the sole land owner across the entire Blighted Lands.

Corpo-Law Dynamic

In 2110-A, The Unspoken Strex used the massive number of votes they had stored up from the profits of their wildly successful real estate business to single handedly, and retroactively, enact the Corpo-Law Dynamic. This multilateral contract enforced several major changes in the laws and regulations of the NF, and across the Blighted Lands in general.

The most obvious of these changes, and the most utilized, was to enable democratic voting on everything throughout the city. Every citizen has one vote, and one additional vote for every unit of currency. This segment of the law was passed retroactively, which allowed Strex to vote on the law with their vast wealth in the past.

The law also enabled companies to hold magical power in abstract, granting businesses the same kind of sorceries as other rights-holding entities, as well as inventing the field of Corp-o-Mancy.

Citizens are able to opt out of signing this contract, but must waive all ability to interact with corps in any way. Violators are dematerialised and reutilized.

Current Events

Strex, as She Whose Ghost Haunts The World, mostly stays out of the public sphere, their history is well guarded (though, thanks to their non-temporal form, known to everyone and no one at the same time) and public appearances are limited, in part due to the vastly different abilities and forms they take. They continue to own every piece of land and home across the world, with several magical scholars suggesting their capabilities and existence forms a sort of hive-mind, the rent costs literally forming the extant being known as Strex in a similar way to the emergence of genus loci.

Strex's ability to effect the past via their non-temporal form means they are also engaged in work during other timelines, the effects of which we don't notice, because they override our current timeline as they happen. It is thanks to this disruptive innovation in temporal economics that NF enjoys the highest number of homes per citizen in the entire Flattened Sphere, in spite of shockingly low home ownership.

Place of Power

On the shores of the Acid Sea Strex occupies a beautiful, non-euclidean beachside property named The Central Beating Heart of Violence, or The Heart for short.

From the outside it resembles a hyper-modern lake house with an incredibly photograph friendly boardwalk reaching out over the neon-green glow of the sea. Inside, The Heart replicates, at random, the interior of every single home on the Flattened Sphere. Every door leads to another room from this bottomless meta-magical construct, creating a maze that is as difficult to navigate as it is a bold statement on human spaces.

Visitors to the space are granted use of a guide, who is able to lead them between the rooms to the central sanctum, where Strex's physical form is often found working on stocks, tending their extensive bonsai collection, or issuing one of the millions of eviction notices they send out every day. These guides are skittish, and often prone to running away from the many threats inside The Heart. They must nevertheless be protected and followed, lest visitors join the masses of workers now inhabiting The Heart. The good news for any visitors who do become part of that vital workforce is that many companies have set up shop inside the near endless space inside The Heart, so there's no lack of job opportunities.