Triple Hell

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Beneath Neo-Francisco Future, Triple Hell is one of the Places of Power, and is controlled, at least in name, by Satan.


Triple Hell is, in reality, not simply "three times as bad as Hell" but is three distinct entities that overlap each other. Overall, Hell is a place of Lost souls, terrible demons, and great riches, where Satan stores things he doesn't need or want. Those venturing into Triple Hell should pack an extra pair of shoes, as most of the ground is covered in a sticky layer of what is colloquially called "Hell Juice", a mixture of blood, pulverized pumice, and gold dust. The Demons that populate Hell are creations of Satan himself, while the Lost are individuals who have lost their way within Neo-Francisco and were transported to Bonus Hell by a defunct public works project.

First Hell

First Hell is the original Hell that Satan founded when he was removed from the corporate board of Heaven. It's main exports are pain, drugs, and rock & roll. Demons here exist in an extensive concert venue with near deafening noise, where Lost are trapped in an eternal mosh pit. Most people actually don't mind First Hell that much, once they get used to their surroundings, though the living that pass through First Hell may find it difficult to find anything to eat or drink here, much less a quiet place to rest.

Another Hell

Another Hell is a support system for Satan's many business ventures across the city. Another Hell usually manifests as an unconquerably large office building, with deserts of cubicles filled with hapless Lost workers, sparsely sprinkled with oases of water coolers and break rooms. Around the vast cubicle deserts are the Corner Offices, where Satan's lieutenants arrange and broker, growing their Master's dark fortune by trapping those who would treat with Another Hell in layers and layers of bureaucratic processing that sometimes takes generations to entrap their true target.

Bonus Hell

Bonus Hell, also known as Secret Hell, is Satan's basement. A massive, pitch-black warehouse, here a staff of demonic archivists catalog the things that Satan has grown tired of or recently acquired, hiding them away in the darkness. Additionally, Bonus Hell is the realm of lost things, where objects that are hidden and are then forgotten or become irretrievable exist, somewhere among Satan's massive holdings. Bonus Hell is also the source of all the Lost who work and live in Another Hell and First Hell. Years ago, a public works project was established to create a city-wide lost and found system, so when residents became lost within the city they would be transported to a central location, the Depot, where they would then be taken home. For the first three weeks, the system worked perfectly, but when funding was cut, Satan bought out the system and transformed the Depot into Bonus Hell. It has been insinuated that Satan cut funding to the Depot project in the first place, but no evidence has ever surfaced to back up these rumors. When something becomes eternally lost within Bonus Hell, it is unclear where they go.