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One of the only remaining regular sandy deserts in the Flattened Sphere, Tottori-Arcana is a frequent tourist destination for the citizens of Neo-Francisco. The least populated of all the mega-cities districts, it nevertheless is a center for culture and commerce.


Extending into the Blasted Plains, Tottori-Arcana is Satan's seat of power, and a hub of tourism in Neo-Francisco. Its communities are relatively spaced out compared to the absurd density of the rest of the city, sometimes over a mile of desert stretches between blocks. NF's iconic skyscrapers still dominate the landscape, connected by networks of covered roads and boostpads.

The districts main export is magical sand, mined from deep underground where the Flattened Sphere's core still leaks magical essence after it was cracked during The Fold.


Regular sandstorms, including at least one sentient storm, regularly batters the district, and as a result much of its architecture is either designed to completely collapse harmlessly around its occupants, or built bunker-like, both to weather the storms and the regular riots from ex-home owners.

When the storms are quiet, Tottori-Arcana enjoys a pleasantly hot and dry climate, thanks to being situated directly under a hole in the Flattened Sphere's protective atmosphere.


Tottori-Arcana sits atop the largest intact wealth of pre-fold society, protected from the damages that laid waste to the world in the Fold thanks to the massive amount of sand covering it. Deep below the surface are entire cities, preserved by the dry climate and darkness underground.

Archeologies come from all around to explore these ruins, and Satan's mining operations regularly intrude on them, adding their relics to the Powerful Being's vast personal, private collection of pre-Fold artifacts.

Notable Locations

Satan's place of power is a massive black obelisk of stone that is visible from almost anywhere in the entire district. It's peak is high, high above the Flattened Sphere and is one of the few worldly points visited by The Moon with any regularity. The Spire is made up of a thousand levels, each of which "themed" after a different period in Pre-Fold history. Satan's iron grip over much of the most accurate pre-Fold historical records makes the Spire the most authentic pre-Fold experience one can have in all of NF.

Satan's offices are located at the very top of The Spire, and has never been seen by another mortal. It is known that The Moon regularly "docks" with The Spire, though the reasons are unknown,