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Reportedly located in the exact center of Neo-Francisco Future, The Pit has been many things throughout its existence - night club, barracks, university, public housing, hospital, transport hub, among many others. It currently acts as a place of power for Grack-Ton-Guar, The First Of The Orcs.


The Pit was created in 2029-B when an asteroid collided with the city and drilled its way 3 miles below the surface of the planet. How it accomplished this is unknown, but the city was quick to make the most of this new opportunity, rapidly converting the hole into extensive high end condo units, using the moderate increase in space to pack more than double the usual number of tenants per square footage than usual. These condos were removed less than a year later when a private investor attempted to use the space to create a "Reverse Volcano", construction waxed for a half decade until it was completed abandoned, the concept of a "Reverse Volcano" never being fully explained.

The Pit underwent a period of vacancy before the city itself acquired the land and used it as a "innovation space" for municipal services, a controversial move that led to many of the cities Powerful Beings using their political, economic, military and magical power to scuttle the various civic projects, ultimately leading to it's current ownership by Grack-Ton-Guar.


Grack-Ton-Guar's goal with The Pit is stated to be an attempt to utilize a number of enormous Reality Drills to puncture a hole between dimensional realities and uncover their homeland, a place they refer to as "Kharok". Grack insists that Kharok was spared the devastating reality bending effects of The Fold thanks to its inhabitants capability to manipulate spacetime via a ritual practice known as "Shattering The Stone". Grack has been relatively tightlipped about details from their homeland, and not much more is know about the project, except that it is by far and away the biggest employer of Orcs in the city.


The Pit itself now most closely resembles a reverse ziggurat, with each layer a labyrinth of half-ruined buildings and still-active warzones left over from the battles to prevent the various civic projects from taking root. The ziggurat is also layered with traps, laid by squatters and ex-residents resisting eviction by the various corporate powers that vied for control over the space.

Due to the above, any package delivery will have to contend with an unpredictable and dangerous descent through the upper layers, navigating the raging battles, trap-filled ruins, and descending closer to the drills at the center of The Pit. One detail for any Disposable Heroes hoping to make the descent is that Grack-Ton-Guar is a stickler for Neo-OSHA rules on their worksite. Anyone in The Pit must be wearing proper PPE, hi-visibility outfits, and follow safety rules clearly posted around the area. Failure to do so will immediately result in instant incineration, as passing the gates at the surface relays an implied consent to a meta-magical contract.