The Draxxus Experience Arena

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Based in Neo-Francisco Future, the Draxxus Experience Arena is one of several Places of Power held by The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus.


The arena is made up of several arenas nested within one another, with a maximum occupancy of over 300,000 people. The central arena is modular, capable of being rapidly converted into almost any imaginable formation, ranging from standard sports fields to wild and extravagant Pro-Adventuring Gauntlets, even to the annual Draxxus one-bone-play stage. Each subsequent arena can also be customized to either function as a large viewing space for the arena below, or host events that require more space, such as the large scale combat Olympics, or Fantasy-Basketball The Draxxus Experience Arena is one of the most popular venues in the entire world, with many visitors coming from every district in Neo-Francisco and beyond to enjoy a show at one of its many arenas.


The arena is one of the only locations that can host a full 563 person Fantasy-Basketball game, and this tends to be one of the most popular events, regularly selling out the entire arena. Arena goers rated Pro-Adventuring as their second favourite event in the 2388-A national census.

Audience Participation

The Arena's main draw, besides its incredible events, is that every attending audience member has a fairly strong chance of being included in at least one of the games being played that night. This also includes any and all staff members, delivery people, service workers, and so on. Anybody inside the Experience Arena can be included as an active participant of the event at any point. The nested nature of the arenas is also often used to great effect, revealing to the members of an inner arena that they are playing a game for the enjoyment of the higher arenas and so on.