The Blighted Lands

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The Blighted Lands is one of the few remaining coherent landmasses on The Flattened Sphere.

The land it occupies was once called The Americas, though the source on the name is long forgotten, and many consider this to be a very short lived term for the region with little in the way of historic relevance. The Blighted Lands stands now as a mostly coherent landmass spanning over 10,000,000 square miles. It covers a wide variety of biomes, ranging from the toxic nightmare-earth of the eastern seaboard, to the glitch-sands of the Ohian deserts. It is bordered to the west by the Acid Sea, the north by the Great Nothing, the Infinity Waves to the east and the Golden Untouchable Lands to the south.

The population of The Blighted Lands is hard to determine, given a complete lack of census data and the constant state of war between many of its city states (see New Collective Cities), but estimates tend to land around a billion people. The Blighted Lands are home to a thousand languages. Most are capable of speaking Common™, a constructed language designed to make it easier to market products to a culturally, socially, and species diverse population with vastly differing needs.

As the the first major landmass to reconstitute itself following The Fold, The Blighted Lands were the first to allow life to return to the material plane.