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One of the most developed sectors of Neo-Francisco, Surfhalla is positioned on the Western Coast of the the city, adjacent to the Acid Sea, and is primarily known for its adherence to the "Surf" tenet of the city's founding principles.


Bordering the Acid Sea in a long strip on the Western coast of Neo-Francisco, Surfhalla predominantly consists of a series of arcologies designed to resist the occasional Acid Typhoons that assault the coast during the wet season. Between storms, shanty-towns and mead halls are established on the beaches between arcologies, where inhabitants of Surfhalla and visitors alike partake in acid surfing using specialized Teflon surfboards. Between swells, those on the beaches often celebrate in ways often associated with United Dionysusism, facilitated by the hallucinogenic properties of the lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) that is found within the corrosive sea.

Inhabitants of Surfhalla will occasionally organize into small bands to "go viking". In the early years of the city, these were raids conducted to acquire supplies to support the Surfhallan lifestyle. Now, however, these trips are more of a hallucinogenic-fueled rager through the streets of other parts of the city, leaving destruction in their wake.

Surfhalla is primarily buoyed by a thriving tourism industry, and has few exports, save for the waters of the Sea itself and the massive Acerbic Tuna that occasionally wash onto shore from the deeper waters. The fish is mostly inedible, due to the highly corrosive properties of its flesh, but its scales are useful for making protective wet-suits that are highly sought after by the most extreme of acid surfers. Affluent visitors to Surfhalla frequently co-opt local Dionysist practices, namely the precepts of "Radical Self-Expression" and "Immediacy" while eschewing some of the less commercially attractive elements of the religion, such as "Radical Self-Reliance" and "Leaving No Trace". Visitors who wish to participate in the culture of Surfhalla without committing fully to the symbiotic relationship the locals have to the Acid Sea are colloquially referred to as "Flashers", because they show up briefly but inevitably find Surfhalla unfulfilling.


During most of the year, Surfhalla is graced with remarkably good weather, with mild humidity. During the wet season, the Acid Sea produces Acid Typhoons, which create most excellent hallucinogenic swells, while simultaneously making it extremely dangerous to leave the protection of the arcologies if you aren't experienced in both fields.


Surfhalla is notable for its vast variety of high-end restaurants that cater to the diverse appetites of the tourists who visit its shores. Practically every cuisine found in the New Collective Cities can be sampled in Surfhalla, however some of the more exotic culinary choices are sometimes moderated into a more diluted version that appeals to the general public.

Notable Locations

The Lifeguard Arcology is home to Surfhalla's Lifeguard Guild, and is the domain of the Supreme Lifeguard for Life, Baywulf. The Lifeguard Guild is primarily responsible for monitoring incoming acid storms, both to protect the general public and predict the prime swell for adventurous surfers and trippers alike.

Woadhi's Surf Shack, owned by local acid surfing legend Woadhi, is the primary purveyor of the teflon surfboards used for the sport. A Woadhi board is identifiable by the two blue stripes that color the usually grey material.