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  • 19:15, 2 April 2020 talk created page Bonr (Created page with "Bonr is the primary employment tool utilized by most of the city of Neo-Francisco, and is also the means via which most consciousnesses have returned from the post-Fold void t...")
  • 21:36, 31 March 2020 talk created page The Fold (Created page with "The Fold was a metamagical event that led to the devastation of the entire multi-verse, as well as the creation of the current "soft-reality" we all currently live in. ==Effe...")
  • 19:07, 19 March 2020 talk created page Powerful Beings (Created page with "After The Fold, many sentient beings were infused with magical power, theorized to be a sort of industrial run-off from the civilization which caused The Fold in the first...")
  • 17:23, 16 March 2020 talk created page Unspoken Strex (Created page with "The Whispered Truth, She Whose Ghost Haunts The World, Unspoken Strex is one of the great powers of Neo-Francisco. She is one of the newer beings, though due to her nature...")
  • 16:31, 16 March 2020 talk created page Gusiver Brand Speed Boost Ramps (Created page with "In 2115B, Gusiver, a then unknown inventor, discovered a flaw in the law of conservation of motion as it exists in the current reality. After abandoning several attempts to mo...")
  • 05:13, 12 March 2020 talk created page The Blighted Lands (Created page with "The Blighted Lands is one of the few remaining coherent landmasses on The Flattened Sphere. The land it occupies was once called The Americas, though the source on the n...")
  • 18:53, 11 March 2020 talk created page New Collective Cities (Created page with "The New Collective Cities (Also known as The NCC) are a loose coalition of cities across The Blighted Lands. Most citizens are entirely unaware of the alliance between the...")
  • 19:15, 8 January 2020 talk created page Albaloam the Great Golden Dragon of Yix (Created page with "Test")