Shadowland Incursive Fleet

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The Shadowland Incursive Fleet is at once a nation, an army, a culture, a species, and a religion. Their origins are unknown, and perhaps unknowable.


The world's first encounter with the fleet occured in 2102A, when the fleet's Judge-Wizards timelocked the city of Neo-Francisco for future crimes, and encased the entire city within the remains of the moon. The specific details of these future crimes have never been made public, though reports from those close to the cities Powerful Beings state the the conflict stems from NF's ongoing policy to dump most of its waste in the Shadowlands. This practice has since been outlawed, but is still widely practiced due to a lack of enforcement.

Prior to that first conflict, nothing is known about the Shadowland Incursive Fleet, not even how they relate to the Shadowland Collective, though it is safe to assume the fleet is, at least in part, their military force.

Several theories persist about the Fleet. The most intriguing of these is the idea that they are shades of the pre-Fold world. When souls are materialised from the void, it's not clear what happens, or happened, to their previous bodily forms. Some thinkers believe the Shadowland collective and their fleet are made up of the bodily forms we left behind, animated by some poorly understood force. This would explain their vaguely humanoid shape, the abilities they appear to possess, and their ongoing war against the citizens of Neo-Francisco.

Physical Forms

The Fleet physical forms are varied, though most appear as scratchy humanoid shadows, their edges ragged and hard to focus on. Curiously, their vehicles, airships, tanks, cars, boats, and other technology all appears as the same blurry, shadow form. This implies that their machinery is also made up of the same living shadow form as their people. Which is weird. Their forms appear full corporeal, despite their blurry and non-tangible appearance.

A shadowland citizen, photographed besides a popular fast food restaurant

The "shadow people" are capable of human speech, have their own language that has been reported to sound like whalesong, but made of static electricity. They reportedly require food, water, sleep, and all other basic needs we associate with living beings.

Current Activities

Since the city signed peace accords with the Shadowland Collective, the landmass the fleet occupied has become inaccessible by mundane travel, and the wider Shadowlands themselves have become impenetrable to all but the most foolhardy due to the desaturation field that becomes more and more powerful the deeper one wanders into the land. Some outlaying regions report the Shadowlands encroaching upon the Neo-Francisco border to the South East, a threat taken incredibly seriously by the various powerful corporations and beings that make up NF's defacto government. Many wristbands, posters, information campaigns, and T-Shirts have been made already to bring attention to the matter, and an annual meeting has been scheduled to discuss an action plan to be implemented at a future date.