Shadow Valleys

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Considered one of the most beautiful stretches of land in the world, the Shadow Valleys extend through much of what was once California. It is the most populous region of the known world, with over 35 million people living within its boundaries. The Valleys are essentially an extension of the Grandest Canyon, where its incredibly deep trenches level out and the waves of magically enhanced lava settle.

The City

Home to the central megalopolis of Neo-Francisco, Neo-Francisco Future, the Shadow Valleys are the cultural, economic, spiritual, and adventure capital of The Blighted Lands. The City makes up the vast majority of the landmass of the Shadow Valleys, as well as the majority of it's airspace. The dominance of the city often leads to many simply calling the region Neo-Francisco, or NF for short.


The Shadow Valleys were one of the very few parts of the Flattened Sphere that escaped the most devastating ecological and metaphysical effects of The Fold. None of its concepts were erased from time, and while all of its residents were removed from this plane of existence, some of the buildings and smaller fauna remained. This verdant paradise would remain mostly untouched until the return of sentience, and the emergence of Powerful Beings as well as magic led to the rapid development of Neo-Francisco, with the city of Neo-Francisco Future either being the central point from which the city grew, or the point at which the disparate subcities, feudal kingdoms, municipalities, people's democratic states, and Thinking Lands collided into one incredible megacity, depending on which Timeline you are currently perceiving.