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'Satan (Alternatively known as The Devil) is an immortal of indeterminate origin and is one of the Powerful Beings.

Satan was one of the first Powerful Beings to emerge Post-Fold, and is responsible for constructing the foundations of Neo-Francisco in a complex pattern around his place of power, an enormous Black Obelisk found in Tottori-Arcana that reaches high above the Flattened Sphere. In addition to drawing up the treasures of the Flattened Sphere from the depths to construct Neo-Francisco, Satan is also notable for being one of the most reliable sources of information regarding the Pre-Fold world.

Physical Appearance

Very few have seen Satan in person since the Fold, but several experts in Pre-Fold Sculpture can confirm that Satan is "super hot, like ridiculously hot." Most modern media depicts him as wearing a black suit, and, by Satan's own request, bearing a striking resemblance to someone Satan vehemently insists is Pre-Fold Actor David Boreanaz.


Over the years, several documents have emerged detailing the origins of Satan. One suggests that Satan was once subservient to another Powerful Being, referred to as God, who cast down Satan, at this point called Lucifer, for seeking a promotion to counteract God's mismanagement of their corporate entity, which is usually referred to as Heaven. Satan then started his own corporate entity with like-minded compatriots, branding it Hell, which quickly overtook Heaven in popularity and became the primary purveyor of rock music and narcotics in the Pre-Fold world.


After the Fold, Satan arrived in the deserts that would eventually became Tottori-Arcana and became pulling the treasures of the earth to the surface, constructing his Black Obelisk and the foundations for later construction in an arcane pattern that drew power to their creator. As Neo-Francisco grew, all future construction in the city was forced to pay tribute, primarily in Pre-Fold artifacts, to Satan himself, while furthering his greater plan of establishing his magical dominion over the city. The artifacts paid in tribute to Satan become part of his massive museum collection within the Black Obelisk,

Current Events

With his power buoyed by the arcane patterns of Neo-Francisco, Satan has primarily withdrawn from public life, isolating himself at the highest level of his Black Obelisk. Making regular contact with The Moon, he furthers some greater agenda, as of yet unknown to all other life.