Pure Unfettered Capitalism

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Pure Unfettered Capitalism is a monetized belief system in which Adherents distribute "Pyramid Runes". The more Pyramid Runes an Adherent acquires and distributes, the more magical power that Pure Unfettered Capitalism invests in them. Pure Unfettered Capitalism has no holy texts denoting its belief system, only marketing materials. It is unclear how it began.

How to Start

To become an Adherent, simply purchase a Pyramid Rune from your local distributor! At first, the magic within you will feel like a low buzz, like a fly trapped in your veins. This is completely normal! Simply purchase more Pyramid Runes until you become able to channel your magic into small sparks, its that simple!

Grow Your Power

By now you have all of these Pyramid Runes in your residence, what do you do with them? Simple! Distribute them to your friends and family, share the magic of Pure Unfettered Capitalism with them all! As you do, your power will grow further. Before you know it, you'll be the envy of your neighborhood!

A Gateway to Cosmic Understanding

Eventually, your family and friends will start selling the Pyramid Runes you sold to them. They are called your "Downstream Converts". Whenever your Downstream Converts distribute a Rune, you gain power equal to a percentage of what they gained! Before you know it, hundreds of your Downstream Converts will be earning you small amounts of power each day, every day! The Universe will be your oyster! Crush your enemies! Challenge gods! The Pyramid Runes will give you the power to do such things!