Old Mountain Holds

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The Fold collapsed all realities, mostly by merging ideas, locations, and people into one aggregate mess. The Reconstitution process allows this mess to separate and form into tangible and unique components. The Old Mountain Holds are unique in that an entire region from a clearly alien world reconstituted itself wholesale. Once a free standing state all of it's own, the Old Mountain Holds formally joined Neo-Francisco in following The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus's entry to the city.


Once a part of a larger world known as "Whitefalcon", a world of feudalism, swords and knights, arcane magics and impenetrable religions. Much of the Old Mountain Holds still believe in, or engage in, this seemingly backwards culture, despite the rapid modernization of the area, most of the skyscrapers in the region still, outwardly, appear as old taverns, European castles, eldritch cultist tombs, and so on. This region is also where most of the rest of the world get their magical monsters, which reproduce asexual via an as-yet-unknown consequence of the local universal physics zone.

Local Physics

The Old Mountain Holds is one of many regions in on The Flattened Sphere that has vastly different universal constants and rules, though it is notable for being an area of particularly interesting physical distortions, as well as being one of the few that functions within the boundaries of Neo-Francisco. This local physics field has several major differences from standard, such as the random appearance of magical beings at periodic instances during travel, a strange universal tendency to bell-curves, and an odd system of Levels that denotes a sort of potential energy generated by living beings as they murder other living beings or amass wealth. These physical changes were rapidly commercialized as soon as they were understood - exporting the seemingly limitless supply of labour and food across the entire Flattened Sphere, acting as a constantly growing mercenary force, and utilizing the averaging force of physics for computing purposes.


The Old Mountain Holds are a prime tourist destination for other citizens, due largely to its odd culture, with visitors flocking in their millions to experience "The Worlds Biggest Ren Faire". Locals have capitalized on this trend rapidly, converting most of their regular taverns into dinner-theater style restaurants depicting fictionalized versions of Whitefalcon lore. Visitors also often engage in games such as "Slay The Dragon", and ride mythical beings such as Unicorns.


Centered mostly in the northern mountain range bordering the Acid Sea, The Old Mountain Roads have long since updated their small taverns and castle walls, becoming just as vertical as the rest of the city. Its towering taverns and castles so tall they require oxygen domes placed over the peaks. The Old Mountain Holds prides itself on maintaining the old style of their buildings, going so far as to use traditional thatching, woodworking, and stone laying techniques to build their skyscrapers. This practice has lead to a completely unique skyline, and a skyrocketing building collapse rate as the buildings grow taller and taller.

The central mountain in the range, Kangrank-Nu, was completely replaced by a carbonate Thinking Material, and is now the largest sentient being on the Flattened Sphere. Scientists and computer technologists, aided by legions of Intelligent Bone Machines crafted by elite necromancers discovered that the bell-curve tendency of the local physics space could increase computation speed by 2d100%, and private interests rapidly changed the old boring stone mountain for a fully sentient computer mountain. The private interest group that led this endevour, a network consortium led by Draxxus Bombastus, now leases the computational power to every electronic device in Neo-Francisco.