O'Laang That Portends The End

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The central one of Albaloam the Great Golden Dragon of Yix's many Places of Power, O'Laang is an enormous banded onyx obelisk that hovers ominously above the streets of Neo-Francisco Future.


Details of the internal structure of the obelisk are sparse, thanks in part to its incineration aura. Reports indicate that the obelisk acts as a sort of multi-dimensional warehouse/office-space combination, containing and impossible amount of space within its solid stone walls. It's warehouse space is functionally boundless, containing almost every single distinct object on the West Coast and from beyond, it forms the largest Dragon's Horde ever recorded, in this reality or any other. Navigating the space is said to be near impossible, made deadly by the sentience the space appears to grant objects of sufficient power and rarity.

Albaloam maintains an office somewhere within O'Laang, its exact location is unknown.

Trials of the Golden Scale

The only solid information of the insides of O'Laang come from Disposable Heroes workers who were able to pass the Trials of the Golden Scale, a sort of trial by fire that Albaloam forces all of their service workers to undergo before completing their jobs, under the threat of a bad rating. These trials are usually given after the party manages to infiltrate the obelisk proper, and are handed out at random as they wander the endless halls of objects or seemingly infinite offices that make up YixCorp's corporate presence.

The specific nature of the trials are ever changing, seemingly invented on a whim by the dragon when the time comes. Some of the previous trials are recorded below:

  • A televised gauntlet against 5 of Albaloam's most powerful subjects wielding padded sticks, attempting to knock the package deliverers to the ground
  • A televised gauntlet against 5 of Albaloam's most powerful subjects wielding swords, guns, and explosives
  • An enormous centrifuge, its edges covered in spikes. Also televised
  • A rapid fire quiz show, failure during which gets the subject "slimed" by acid
  • Being placed at a random part of the tunnel system making up Albaloam's lair, with a powerful, demonic being somewhere in the caves
  • Being placed in a magical virtual reality based on the subjects greatest hopes and dreams
  • Being fired out of a cannon (possibly not intended to be a trial one can survive)
  • Being eaten by Albaloam, and having to navigate their metamagical inards