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Also known as The City, NFF, Neo-Francisco, and Downtown, Neo-Francisco Future is the bustling heart of the larger Neo-Francisco area. It is the most populated district of The Blasted Plains by a wide margin, and is one of the most economically, political, militarily, and psionically powerful entity on the Flattened Sphere. This vast power makes The City a place of constant upheaval and strife as many political powers vie for control of the area. This constant conflict paired with the high-tech high-rises and multi-layered city design has made Neo-Fracisco Future an 8 time winner of the coveted Draxxus Corp "Best Place To Live" award, as well as 36 consecutive Bombastus "Worst Place To Live" awards.


NFF is located roughly central on the west coast of what was once the United States and was largely constructed by mistake as various timelines and geographic reasons spread out and clashed immediately post-Fold. The meta-magical volcano also provided a point of contention, with many entities fighting for control of the seemingly boundless supply of magical energy pouring out of it. These boundary wars threatened to tear apart the very fabric of the newly reconstructed reality until the emergence of the Graffiti Soul unified the city via as-yet unknown means and provided a blueprint for the construction of Neo-Fracisco Future.

After The City's construction was completed, the many Powerful Beings rapidly went to work commercializing and innovating within the new space, providing a near bottomless well of work to the new immigrants and reconstituted proto-citizens. At it's peak, NFF was the central home of over 2000 rideshare gig economies, 950 M-Bike Micro Rental apps, and over 8 million fast food delivery services. These jobs, as well as the various Citizen Import Policies instituted throughout the Blasted Plains, brought millions out of the surrounding districts into NFF.

After being returned back from the Moon, NFF has settled into a relatively peaceful period. Corpo-Wars are at an all time low, and the city has averaged only one insurrectionist movement per month, down over 300% from previous years. Some cite a large number of powerful beings moving to the area and opening new headquarters or places of power in recent years, others point to the influx in infrastructural development and the opening of the Layer 4 plate.

Geography and Cityscape

The land NFF was founded upon was originally typified by rolling hills and deep forests. These were magically flattened and their firmament rented to a variety of private actors for their personal usage. This flattening enabled the rapid construction of what would become the first layer of the city. The flattening also awoke a number of spectral fleets, haunter armies, ancient gods, three separate unknowable ones, and caused one minor tear in the metamagical reality around the coastline. Protests at the time claimed that such damage was immoral and could lead to rapid temporal destabilization of the area, but with the opening of Hatsune Miku's Metamagical Tear Themepark And X-Games Arena, the issue has been largely resolved.

With the rapid influx of human resources, the city expanded, but prior to the development of Corpo-Law by Unspoken Strex and its location at the center of a dozen competitive districts, expanding outwards was impossible. Instead the city simply grew up, building massive support structures lit with neon-mana lighting and commercialized with extensive advertising, then building a massive steel plate above the skyscrapers to construct the Layer 2 Plate. The plate was also rapidly commercialized, with full city-wide advertising at affordable prices.

Since the construction of Layer 2, several more plates have been added to the city, so many that the very top of the city has to be encased in a geodesic dome due to a lack of oxygen at high altitudes.

The many plates now personify the city so clearly that they appear on its flag.

Linking the Plates are a series of transportation systems which are frequently being funded, then unfunded, by whichever body makes up the district council at that time. Defunct systems include the NFF Rail Service, the Neo-Bus, The Inter-Plate Elevator System, The Municipal Glider Service, and the fondly remembered Enormous Tamed Battle Leopards Transport System. Currently the main method of traversing the city is either on incredibly expensive techno-magical gliders owned primarily by the hyper-wealthy, walking, or by utilizing the various grind rails and Gusiver Brand Speed Boost Ramps.