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Neo-Francisco is the first and last of the great megatropolises. It is the most populous city on the planet with a population of over seventy million people. Sometimes known as NF, the city has been the cultural, financial, and meta-magical center of the New Collective Cities since it's development post-Fold. Neo-Francisco's borders cover an enormous expanse of the western coast of The Blighted Lands, occupying much of its remaining habitable land.

Neo-Francisco is the seat of power for most of the northern hemisphere's most powerful creatures. It's inhabitants include The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus, Albaloam the Great Golden Dragon of Yix, Unspoken Strex and more. See Powerful Beings for more information.


Before The Fold, Neo-Francisco was a large number of diverse cities, towns, and villages along what is remembered as the American West Coast. Little is known about what they were like, though what records we have indicate a civilization founded upon three principles: Sun, Surf, and Shakes. The specific details of this ethos is debated by scholars to this day.

After The Fold, the city sprang up rapidly as the remaining centers of population took advantage of the new influx of magical power to build a luxurious city of dreams. Guided by the Graffiti Soul, the city became a modernist, hyper-futuristic sprawl. The borders of the city were firmly established by 2102A when the Shadowland Incursive Fleet barricaded the city and encased it in The Moon. Upon NF's return from the moon and subsequent peace treaty with the Shadowland Collective, the city has remained within it's substantial borders.


The city spans such an extensive amount of geography that a singular description of it's topology is impossible. The Cities southernmost district, Tottori-Arcana extends into the Blasted Plains, a hilly, rocky desert typified by the Grandest Canyon, then up to what is now the Shadow Valleys, reportedly once a verdant valley, now the bustling center of the megatropolis known as Neo-Francisco Future, hemmed in to the east by The Unconquerable Darkness, Shadowbane. Further north still and the city crawls up the Old Mountain Holds, it's skyscrapers teasing the atmosphere from the very top of Kangrank-Nu. Neo-Francisco's western border is the Acid Sea, which is utilized in a variety of ways depending on the district. The sunkissed shores of Surfhalla make it a tourist attraction, while the commercial docks of Neo-Francisco Future are abuzz with container ships carrying meta-magical goods all over The Flattened Sphere.


Overall the city is hugely vertical, with many of the cities districts utilizing a stratification process, where the number of densely packed skyscrapers support a large plate, creating a new "ground". These are colloquially known within Neo-Francisco as Pancakes, and those that live on them as Hoppers. Many of these pancakes are connected through a complex array of roads, grind rails and Gusiver Brand Speed Boost Ramps, allowing transport throughout the city much faster than the ancient ways allowed.


Due to the abnormal number of Powerful Beings living in the city, NF is home to an inordinate number of palaces, lairs, underground bases, floating obsidian pyramids, negative-zones, and more. Prominent sanctuaries include The Draxxus Experience Arena, Triple Hell, The Pit, O'Laang That Portends The End, Excalibur's Foible, and many, many more.

Additionally, Neo-Francisco is home to every corporate headquarters in the known world, thanks to it's unique livability and lax tax laws. Corporations that maintain offices here include Celulose Realities Inc., Disposable Heroes LLC, DeReg, Spellr, Good Guys Inc, and FantasyUber.


As one of the sole remaining habitable spaces on the Flattened Globe, Neo-Francisco is an incredibly diverse city. According to the 2129A census, the city has 72,081,182 residents. The vast majority of the population are post-Fold survivors, aged between 0-25, but a significant proportion is made up of post-Fold beings who either took refuge in the surrounding area during The Fold, or settled after the event. The population is largely working poor, with a 238% employment rate, not accounting for gig employment, the most popular form of employment by far.

The city is predominantly Ethical-Transdimensionalist, with 67% of the population claiming the faith. The remaining population worship a variety of gods, concepts and living deities, with such practices as Neo-Zotenism, United Dionysusism, Marxism, and Pure Unfettered Capitalism having places of worship amongst the people.


Neo-Francisco's economy is driven by several industries including meta-magical materials, gems, gold, and Evil. According to a 2120A business analysis survey, evil plots and schemes account for 65% of the cities income. Wage Theft is the second largest economic force in the city, with most jobs having a less than 1% return on labour value. By far and away the biggest employers across the city are the various powerful beings that inhabit it. Albaloam the Great Golden Dragon of Yix alone accounts for nearly 20% of all the jobs in town through their skill sharing gig app, Comun-IT. The gig economy is the driving force behind the enormous employment rate in Neo-Francisco, with citizens working an average of 3.2 jobs, often juggling part time work, app based gig work and zero-hour magical contract employment at the same time.

An exact estimation of the total income of the city has proven difficult since the city cycles through currencies very rapidly. In 2120A, the cities income was $$102 Quadrillion Double Dollars.


The most popular sport in the city is Fantasy-Basketball. Almost every district has their own professional team and ametuer leagues, with a city-wide tournament league (The Big Dribble) taking place throughout the year. Notable Fantasy-Basketball teams include The Underkavern Ballers, Surfhalla Brutalizers, and Drakkon's Keep's Finest.

Only slightly less popular is Extreme Competitive Street Blading. Once a highly illegal sport, punishable by the death penalty, ECSB has been successfully monetized and therefore legalized in recent years, with many rising stars gaining citywide prominence in the first annual Wikked Sikk Showdown in 2130A.


Nominally the city is a Free Association Space, but in practice the political landscape is dominated by the powerful beings that have made it their home. Each district is considered a freely associating protectorate, though the exact being that protects it varies from time to time. While the the city is officially at peace since it's return from the moon, small scale border conflicts between districts are common, especially closer to the city center, where the most powerful beings have laid claim to the central districts and defend them furiously.

The city is currently divided up as follows:

List Of Places
Who holds them

Graffiti Soul

The literal and meta-magical heart of the city, the Graffiti Soul is a post-Fold sentient energy force that manifests throughout the city in a variety of forms (including, but not limited to: spray paint cans, halos, graffiti, music, new slang, a waterfall, a bird, feathers). The Graffiti Soul is thought to be the main guiding force behind the construction, expansion and protection of Neo-Francisco. How it accomplishes this is not a well understood phenomenon, but it is thought this is why the city is absolutely covered in grind rails, jump pads, wall-running surfaces, grip tape and easily climbable pipes, posts, and walls. The Graffiti Soul appears to a being completely unique to Neo-Francisco. The Soul also refuses all attempts at monetization, leading some to push for laws against depictions or manifestations of the Soul. These too, often fail without obvious reasons.