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Welcome To The Future

If you're here, you were always meant to be here. The beat of your heart is in harmony with the pulsing funk that pounds through the glittering neon-slick city of Neo-Francisco. Every inch of this place sparks with a freedom and life desperate to be made manifest. Can you feel it too?

Well, don't worry too much about it. You have a delivery to make.

A few hundred years ago, every reality and some unrealities collapsed into each other and flattened the multi-verse. Now all that remains is the Flattened Sphere, a mostly-barren hellscape of nightmares and dreams, of deserts made of emeralds and oceans made of acid. In one corner of this broken world is the sprawling megacity of Neo-Francisco, a hive of corruption, impossibly wealthy super-beings, Gods manipulating the laws of physics to make cheap electronics, and a billion souls crammed into a confusing and unstable world. The city is decadent, hyperactive, and alive in every possible sense of the word. Under it all, the Graffiti Soul pours power back to the people, giving every single person in the city just enough strength to make a stand if they like, or just keep breathing if they can't.

Survival here is hard, but the good news is work is plentiful - the gig economy has ensured everyone has a dozen jobs, and they're always on call. You're employed by Disposable Heroes, a package delivery service that pulls souls from the ether and employs them to delivery parcels, food, anything, to the terrifying Powerful Beings that control the city from haunted ziggurats and fractal museums. Get 5 Stars, or die trying. Anything less means you're fired, and here? That's the worst thing you can be.

This might sound depressing, and it is. But humanity can't be crushed like that, and the city itself is in open rebellion with the twisted God-Kings that control the foundations of reality. It twists itself in protest, creating grind rails, neon trails and LED boost pads, every inch of the city buckles as it begs you to play in it, to move through it, to fill its streets with joy and graffiti and revolution. The Graffiti Soul has made sure every citizen and non-citizen has access to magic, to power, to rocket-boosted rollerblades and an ancestral sword. Sure, mostly you use it to deliver dildos to dead gods, but maybe one day. Maybe one day.


Getting started

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