Gusiver Brand Speed Boost Ramps

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In 2115B, Gusiver, a then unknown inventor, discovered a flaw in the law of conservation of motion as it exists in the current reality. After abandoning several attempts to monetize this flaw (such as Gusiver Brand Enhanced Speed Stick, a disaster of a product that claimed over 20,000 lives before Gusiver pulled the product, citing an $$1 increase in production costs killing all profit in the product), Gusiver eventually landed a contract with The Graffiti Soul to build Speed Boost Ramps in perpetuity.

No one is quite sure how, but the city is now absolutely littered with these ramps, with more appearing every day, presumably still being constructed by the contract-bound Gusiver somewhere in Neo-Francisco.

The ramps themselves are almost all sized for individual usage, rather than vehicular use (although many of the major roads in the NF area have a number of Speed Boost pads, often placed at on-ramps, jump ramps, loop-de-loops and so on) and collectively help to create a large scale pedestrian speedway throughout the city, especially when used in conjunction with the many grind rails, ramps, half pipes, and slopes scattered around the streets and rooftops of NF.