Good Guys Inc,

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A defunct app, Good Guys Inc. was an attempt by ideological opponents of the Powerful Beings to create an alternative profit model to combat the status quo.


Functionally identical to the Disposable Heroes app, it used reconstruction resources leased at great cost from The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus's infrastructure, and thus required a greater time and soul debt from the reconstructed beings. On paper, Good Guys summoned via the app were given quests to combat the influence of the various powerful beings throughout the city via acts such as flash mobs, minor graffiti or flyering, phone banking, book tours, and voter registration. The hope from the creators of the app was to pool the resources of the entire citizenship of the city to vote out Powerful Beings.

These efforts fell apart when it became clear that the citizenship only held 3% of the total wealth of the city, and thus were unable to buy enough votes to make a significant impact. Rumors persist that the Graffiti Soul attempted to steer the app towards more militant resistance to Powerful Beings, but luckily these efforts never came to fruition. The app was delisted from marketplaces in 2210-C, after a just 2 years of operation. It was briefly repurposed by Bonr as the basis for a reality TV show, which ultimately flopped.