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The largest and most popular sport across the entire Flattened Sphere, Fantasy-Basketball is a full-contact death sport in which two or more teams of between 10 and 200 players vie for control over a large and heavy stone and attempt to hurl it into a large pit in the center of a field, court, stadium, or station. Teams must balance their offensive attempts to score points by "sinking the stone" with defensive efforts to prevent the opposing teams to do the same. Despite, and in part due to, the simple ruleset, games of Fantasy-Basketball can become deeply complex and confusing, with many games results not clear until days after the event is over. Attempts to clarify or expand the rulebook to avoid this have been met with militant resistance from the fanbase.


The standard Fantasy-Basketball team has several roles, with several other roles outside of the standard teamup.

  • The core of any team. Rollers move the stone by physically pushing it around the arena. Rollers must be incredibly strong, as the stone is incredibly heavy, and they will be under constant attack from opponents.
  • Rolling the ball into the pit is one of the few illegal acts in Fantasy-Basketball, it must be lifted and thrown from at least 6 feet away, thus every team requires a squad of immensly strong Hurlers, who can take over from the Rollers to score a point. Combination roller/hurlers are hotly contended and sought-after in the professional leagues.
  • Usually armed offensive team members dedicated to wounding, incapacitating, or killing Rollers and Hurlers.
  • Defending players are not allowed to move while holding shields, and so sentinels set up a route of defensive shield walls from their starting zone to the Pit, and repel opposing teams as they attempt to take the stone.
  • A requirement since the Full-Blood Rules passed in 2118R. Necromancers restore life to the fallen members of their team and hurl blasts of hell-scape energy to the opposing Necromancers.
  • Due to the complicated and intricate way the simple rules of the game intersect, and the tendency for games to be decided many days after the actual event, a powerful legal team is a must at any Fantasy-Basketball game.