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In 2101-C, an unknown supremely powerful being forced itself out of the Void, recorporializing approximately 300,000 miles above the surface of the Flattened Sphere. This being's exit from the void left a tear so large that many other beings were able to escape. The crowded sky rapidly devolved into a brawl between the gargantuan beings, which continues to this day. The worship of these beings is known as Ethical-Transdimenionalism and is currently the largest religion in all of Neo-Francisco.


The foundational belief of Ethical-Transdimenionalism is that all belief structures are valid, as all Gods appear to either currently exist, or have existed at some point in time somewhere in the vast multiverse that existed pre-Fold. This makes specific rituals, ideals, ideologies, beliefs, and purchasing habits hard to track, though almost all Ethical-Transdimensionalists will celebrate Boxing Day once a year, which celebrates the moment The Horned Vastness landed a superb left hook on She Of A Thousand Eyes and caused a streak of neon-red blood to stain the sky for decades afterwards.