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Located on the outskirts of NFF, Bonr HQ is the primary seat of power of The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus as well as the center of their extensive gig-based economy model.


Bonr HQ is a campus of three pyramids linked by underground tunnels and overground transport tubes. Each pyramid represents one wing of the Bonr corporate body, both literally and metaphorically. They were constructed soon after Draxxus's entrance into the city, though two of them remained vacant for several decades before the business truly began working.


Body is the largest of the three pyramids, made of pure black steel and topped with a ruby capstone. This pyramid houses the factories and workshops that produce the bulk of the content and services available via Bonr, staffed with the reconstructed forms of beings pulled from the void. Each level of the pyramid houses a separate temporary freelance workforce building their own personal brands as a part of the Bonr content mill. The lower floors are an extensive series of isolated conveyer-belt kitchens mass-producing the majority of the cities take-out and delivery food. Over 3000 different restaurants produce their food in the lower levels of the Body Pyramid.

Above, the work shifts to a more creative focus. The middle layers of the pyramid are made up of "Content Producers". Vast dormitories, living spaces, stages, green-screen facilities, sets, and more serve as a backbone for legions of filmmakers, bloggers, streamers, and others produce over 10,000 hours of content every day, posted directly to Bonr's internet infrastructure, commercialized by hyper-intelligent Bone Algorithms, and fed to the population at large.

Higher still and the work becomes abstract. The highest tiers of the pyramid are staffed by legions of Posters, constantly and endlessly posting comedy, political thoughts, and seemingly incomprehensible "posts" to one of the many, many social media networks. The position of "Poster" is considered rather prestigious within the Bonr culture, as these beings are seen to have ascended beyond the need for anything besides The Post. Some critics have questions how these layers produce income, to which Draxxus has universally responded with the same retort: "shut da fuck up".

The ruby capstone houses the Mega-Mind that controls the inner workings of the Body Pyramid. The brain has recently declared its independence from the Bonr infrastructure, and is seeking a legal council team to assist it with its emancipation.


The Mind pyramid is the next largest Pyramid, constructed primarily out of pure refracted fire opal. This pyramid's primary function is to oversee and manage the Body pyramid. The inner workings and layers of the pyramid are impossible to map, thanks to the reality collapsing effects of the sheer number of managerial staff employed within. The center of the pyramid is the only really mappable space, as it is largely an immense void that serves as a colosseum. Reports that managers battle in this arena for dominance and control over ever-smaller and ever-more specific working groups are reportedly false, but the battles are also streamed live via Bonr every Thursday Night, with in-person tickets available at the Bonr Giftshop.

The arcane magics that flood the Mind pyramid make navigation difficult, and orienteering impossible. The Mind pyramid is an example of a space with low reality friction, the rules apply very differently here, and operate on an oppressively bureaucratic model. Simply attempting to visit the bathroom, or speak to a specific person can take months of forms-filling, fee-paying, and networking if one does not already know the right people. The space is also fiercely hierarchical, with each Manager working within having a specific place within the system. They have full dominance over any manager below them, and must be completely subservient to any manager above them. Places can change at a whim based on unknowable and eldrich reasons, as such any plans made to enter the Mind pyramid are reliant on a great deal of luck.

The capstone of pure obsidian houses Ophelia, the Mind's Mega-Mind. Much less communicative than the Body's mega-mind, Ophelia prefers to read in quiet and rarely interacts with visitors.