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Bonr is the primary employment tool utilized by most of the city of Neo-Francisco, and is also the means via which most consciousnesses have returned from the post-Fold void that the majority of living beings are currently trapped within. Designed, developed, and marketed by The Dread Lich Draxxus Bombastus, Bonr is responsible for 93% of all employment in the city.


Bonr acts as an umbrella company and app, covering every industry from food delivery to assassinations. It additionally utilizes a glitch in the mathematical underpinnings of reality to allow the permanent recorporealization of spirits and souls lost to the Void during the Fold. This process is instant, pain free, and uses an insignificant amount of resources to accomplish. Originally the app only pulled decorporealized spirits into our reality, granting them their old form and putting them immediately to work to pay off this debt to society (and Draxxus). This was hailed as a revolutionary way to restore the world to its prior state, and have everyone return to a functioning society when it was first implemented.

Following the 76th Class War of 2239-D, Bonr opened its recruitment pool to include both active corporealized souls, as well as incorporealized entities. The app automatically distributes the workload between these two groups to maintain a happy, healthy, productive population level.


Despite the best efforts of Bonr and it's shareholders over the last 500 years, only 25% of the total population and landmass of The Flattened Sphere have currently been successfully recorporalized. Draxxus has repeatedly stated that the technology powering Bonr is capable of recorporalizing the entire planet, and indeed experiments on limited reality planes have shown this to be possible, but largely unprofitable. Unfortunately until a more profitable model becomes available, analysts expect the process to take at least another 2000 years.