Albaloam the Great Golden Dragon of Yix

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Albaloam is the last remaining Great Dragon. Originating from the lost world of Yix, Albaloam was one of the first powerful beings to establish holdings within Neo-Francisco.

Pre-Fold Existance

Our knowledge of Albaloam's Pre-Fold existence stems almost entirely from the ancient texts they distribute throughout the city on a daily basis. These texts are mostly written in an inscrutable script that has only been partially decoded after many years of study. What has been deciphered talks of Yix as a barren place, coated in a thick fog of poisonous memories. The fog itself was either created by the Great Dragons of Yix, or the fog somehow created them, it's unclear. Similarly, Albaloam is either the first or last Great Dragon born before The Fold threw them to our realm. The ancient texts say that Albaloam was the inheritor of that world, a crowned king destined to rise above the fog and banish some unclear supreme being from that plane. When the Fold undid this destiny, Albaloam set their sights elsewhere.

Life in Neo-Francisco

Albaloam was one of the first powerful beings to come to public knowledge in the post-Fold world. The Fold placed them physically in the ruins of the Old City, and the survivors of the cataclysm quickly began worshiping the supremely powerful dragon. Many sacrifices were offered, as well as enormous amounts of gold, electronics, anything of value was offered to the Great Golden Dragon, who used the followers and their tribute to motivate a rapid cleanup of the surrounding area and the foundations for what would become Neo-Francisco. As cleanup continued, Albaloam became the sole owner of the vast majority of all physical objects on the western coast, and quickly leveraged this into the incredibly powerful Yix-Bazaar, the mega chain of stores that sell almost everything you can imagine.

When Unspoken Strex established the Corpo-Law Dynamic in 2110-A, Albaloam was one of the first to transfer their power into corporate form, establishing YixCo.

During the Shadowlands War

As Shadowland Incursive Fleet troops encircled the city and prepared the ritual to transport it into the moon, Albaloam was reportedly one of the seven great ones that began forming Elsysius, a sort of escape pod universe designed to siphon off the life force and magical power of our plane to establish a land of immortal plenty for the seven powerful beings who created it. The plan was eventually scrapped when NF returned to its rightful place. Albaloam did not fight in the Shadowlands War directly, their followers citing a particularly bad case of scale rot.

Current Events

Albaloam themself spends much of their time in their lair, a massive underground cavern deep under the center of NF's financial district. Entrance to the lair is restricted to a small number of specially screened members of the Albaloamian religion and their descendants. They occasionally made public appearances on Albaloamian religious holidays, and the sight of the great dragon often causes mass frenzies, riots, and enormous civil unrest. Their twin pillars of YixCo and Yix-Bazaar have made them the richest living being in the world, a position they've effectively leveraged to become head of NF's ruling council for 200 years in a row now.

The Dragon is, famously, utterly inscrutable. They rarely speak, and when they do it's often in riddles and metaphors. What they intend to do with their riches, how they feel about their broken destiny, and the state of the city are questions that we simply may never get the answers to. It is known they enjoy fine wine, retro-television shows (their favourite shows reportedly being Breaking Bad and The Wire), and Golf.

The Trials Of The Golden Scale

Any package deliveries must undergo the Trials of the Golden Scale, a series of tests that "purify" the subjects, the details of which are constantly shifting. Some of the trials reported by Disposable Heroes' contractors are listed below;